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The December issue of the newsletter is giving, just before the end of year, an overview of the activities of ESPA since early September 2012. This year was affected by the election of the ESPA Board, held in May 2012 in Jurmala, Latvia.

Currently, we are working on a strategic plan to enhance the ESPA marketing activities and social media presence. On the one hand we are showing continuity of our previous work but want to put on the other hand, additional accents in terms of lobbying and promoting our annual ESPA-congress.

I hope you enjoy reading the new newsletter and wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas as well as all the best for 2013.


Martin Plachý,
News | The Association
Picture: Martin Plachy (President of the European Spas Association)
Quality is a key factor for the future of health resorts and health tourism companies in the EU
A significant outcome of the European congress, hosted by the Bäderverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the European Spas Association (ESPA), was the “Declaration of Usedom” for quality in spa and health resorts as well as health tourism companies.

The joint congress of the Bäderverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the ESPA, on the future of health resorts and health tourism companies in Europe, last week, closed with a firm commitment to unitary European quality standards. In conclusion of the two-day congress, which was well visited by about 100 participants from 14 countries, the "Declaration of Usedom" for spa and health resorts as well as health tourism companies, was unanimously adopted.
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Picture: Complete auditorium during the opening ceremony of Termatalia 2012 in Lima
New Spa Experiences in the new world.

From 28th-30th September, for the first time, the Termatalia 2012 took place in Lima, Peru. In the opening of the fair, which was held in the City Theatre of El Callao, over 500 participants were present. The fair was located in the “Fortaleza del Real Felipe”. The congress program included 55 lectures from 13 countries. The ESPA was present with the lecture of Vice-president Janka Zálešáková, who spoke about the different thermal treatments for chronical diseases. Secretary General, Joachim Lieber, who is head of the advisory committee of Termatalia, held a lecture about “The Market for Health Tourism - Trends and consumer demands in Europe”.  Details »
Internationally valid quality and safety criteria for health and medical wellness listed in a comprehensive compendium.

Stuttgart/Wiesbaden, 3September 2012 | The European Spas Association has published the EuropeSpa med criteria for medical spas and medical wellness providers. The book Quality Standard for Medical Spas and Medical Wellness Providers in Europe(ISBN 978-3-510-65273-0, 181 pages, 25 x 17 cm, printed in two colours, German/English, hardback, €79.90) was unveiled today by publishing houseSchweizerbartVerlag (www.schweizerbart.de) in Stuttgart.
For the first time, this compendium sets out about 1,000 quality and safety criteria for medicinal water, peloids, swimming pools, saunas, diagnostics, types of treatment, quality management, human resources, cuisine, accommodation and facilities. This is a ground-breaking move – for never before in this field have the core characteristics of quality been published on such an extensive scale. The book is intended to provide guidance to all spas and medical wellness facilities which are determined to achieve a high standard of quality. It is therefore aimed at all quality professionals in the sector. Moreover, the book explains the criteria that must be met in order to obtain a EuropeSpa certificate. Details »
News | ESPA Members
Picture: Ernst Hinsken
Ernst Hinsken is the new president of the German Spas Association
The German Spas Association has a new president: Delegates of the German Spas Association elected Ernst Hinsken, MP, during the General Assembly in Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe 27th October, with large majority. From now on the chairman of the Bundestag's committee for economy and technology, is the new president of the German Spas Association. Ernst Hinsken succeeds after four years the State Secretary, Dr. Gerd Müller, who has not presented himself as a candidate again.
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Picture: Peter Ploegart Gemeinde Sluis ( Cadzand) Marlies Sobczak Dr. René Molenaar Gemeinde Veere
Netherland Spas develop
Health tourism and wellness are getting more and more important also in the Netherlands. ESPA’s board member Marlies Sobczak is working in this field as a consultant since years and she gave together with the communal responsibles of Veere and Sluis an overview. In the town Domburg a co-operation between the administration and the industry was founded and there are many very good initiatives taken by the hotels. At a seminar on 1st November Mr. Petry gave much additional information about the market and the trends and he always underlines the use of the sea water in thalassotherapy. He mentioned the importance of a close co-operation between tourism industry and politics. Details »
Project Małopolska
In the year 2010 the Polish Spas Association worked out the project: "Development and promotion of Małopolskie Spa Product within national and European cooperation networks".
With the support of the EU and the ESPA the project was developped.
The aim was a close co-operation between the Polish Spas and the ESPA. On the agenda during the two years was always the collaboration – international, interregional, regional and local.
In the project 4 study visits have been made, a Forum and 4 seminars have been carried out. Details »
The 2012 report by Federterme on the thermal Italian system (published by Franco Angeli) provides a status of the art updated on the spa consistency, also about the compartment in Italy, on its perspectives, on the availability and different modalities of employment of the thermal water; moreover on the activities of the scientific research and specific formative. A resource and a real natural heritage of the Country, with structures for the health and wellbeing needs of the citizens, an industrial and entrepreneurial system to be increased in value, also considering the enforcement of the UE Directive concerning the free movement of patients and the opening of the spa for citizens from others Countries of the European space. Details »
From this year health tourism cluster of Latvia has started its action
Latvian health tourism cluster has been formed with the aim of developing health tourism of Latvia and attracting foreign customers to Latvian health tourism service providers. The cluster includes a wide spectrum of health tourism entrepreneurs, ranging from surgical, medical rehabilitation, resort rehabilitation, health restoration, spa and wellness, ending with the organic cosmetic industry and higher medical education institutions. Work has begun on the single united Latvian health tourism website development; there is also organized the participation of cluster members in marketing events and health tourism conferences and seminars in Russia, Israel and northern Europe in the autumn season of 2012. Details »
The Hungarian Bath Association is 20 years old
In this year the Hungarian Bath Association celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment. The Hungarian Bath Association is the only institution of the representation of interest for the hungarian baths. On the occasion of the yubilee the Hungarian Bath Association organised an international conference on the 13-14th November in 2012, called ” Health tourism of the Carpathian basin, bath culture accross the boards.” More information » info@furdoszovetseg.hu
News | Miscellaneous
Picture: left Mr. Tajani, second left Mr. Ortún; second right Mr. Petry

In behalf of the World Tourism Day 2012, the European Commission hosted the yearly European Tourism Day. The European Tourism Day in 2012 focused on “Seasonality - Maritime and coastal tourism”. These contemporary issues were elaborated in detail in two sessions. The morning session discussed, how seasonality in tourism can be overcome and how the diversification of tourism activities can contribute to extend the tourism season. The afternoon session was dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of maritime and coastal tourism in Europe. The Vice-President of the European Commission, Antonio Tajani, and the Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, introduced the sessions. Mr. Pedro Ortún had the chair.  Details »
“Anfaş SporTurkey” Sport Tourism Fair and “Anfaş Hetex” 4th International Health Tourism Fair, being the first and unique fairs of Turkey in their field, was held in Antalya Expo Center between the dates of November 01- 03, 2012. About 2200 business negotiations were held by 140 participant firms with visitors groups containing representative firms of health and sport tourism, doctors and insurance companies, assistance firms, agencies related to health and sport tourism, clinic owners and presidents of associations coming from 25 different countries at 60 stands in specially prepared B2B area. Details »
From 25 to 26 October 2012, key spa and wellness providers from Central Europe gathered in Terme Zreče Spa for already the fourth Trade Show of Spa and Wellness Tourism in Central Europe, SPA-CE 2012. This year’s trade show welcomed new exhibitors from Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. Twenty eight spa and wellness providers presented new ideas for relaxed and healthy way of living to forty-two carefully selected hosted buyers from fifteen different countries. This yearly event for professionals working in spa and wellness industry once again proved it is on the right way to become Central European’s Spa & Wellness Business Event of the Year. Details »
On the 23 of July Aquardens opens to the public, the first thermal park in Europe for water extent. The park is situated in Pescantina, a few kilometres from Verona. Lagoon, baths, pool with salt of the Dead Sea, caves, waterfalls, 220 whirlpool baths, terraces and wide green spaces complete the area of 35.000 square metres. Of these metres, 700 are dedicated to the wellness area, where SPA and beauty perfectly complement eacother. Personal and social SPA are articulated with different saunas, projected for several programs Details »
"Touristik Aktuell"
”Touristik Aktuell” just published in the current issue, an one-page advertisement of eight EuropeSpa certified Hotels, a detailed report on EuropeSpa and quality of spa and health facilities, as well as an interview with Dr. Behi Bouakez, about the recognition of reputable methodes of treatment, in the field of Thalasso.” Details »
16-17 May, POMORIE, Bulgaria

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Studies and Statistics
Eurostat – Statistics in Focus 43/2012
Ageing and tourism in the European Union
This issue of “Eurostat - Statistics in Focus” emphasises the market potential of Europeans aged 65+ for the tourism industry. This group of tourists is expected to grow fast, by 2060 30% of the population will be 65 years or older. The figures show, that in 2011 compared to 2006, the current tourists aged 65+, made more and longer trips as well as spent more. For example, in 2011, the 65+ made 29% more trips and 23% more overnight stays than five years earlier. Furthermore their tourism expenditure grew by 33%. In 2011, the age group 65+ accounted 20% of all tourism expenditure by European residents (aged 15+), compared to 15% in 2006. This is the only age group with a positive trend in 2006-2011. The 65+ have both purchasing power and leisure time. In order to meet those people’s needs and benefit from them, the tourism sector has to adapt quickly, to remain competitive.
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Healthcare statistics
Eurostat has published key statistics on monetary and non-monetary aspects of healthcare in the EU. The quality of healthcare depends, besides genetic and environmental factors, as well as cultural and socio-economical conditions, on available services to prevent and to treat illness and disease. The focus is here on high quality healthcare and affordable costs. As healthcare systems are managed differently across the EU Member States, the total current healthcare expenditure varies significantly. The spa and health resorts are a part of this system. Therefore it is important for everyday business to have an overview of the industry, long-term developments and new trends. For example shows table 2 the functional patterns of healthcare expenditure. In 2009, curative and rehabilitative services accounted more than 50% of current healthcare expenditure in the majority of EU Member States. In contrast prevention varies only between 0.7 and 8.3 %. More detailed information about healthcare expenditure is available under the link mentioned below.
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