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EU programmes

The European Commission allocates part of the EU budget to companies and organisations in the form of calls for tender, grants or funds and other financing programmes.

The European Commission’s declared primary aim is to achieve ‘equal living standards’ in all member states. To this end, programmes exist in all areas of activity and responsibility under which calls for proposals for EU projects are regularly published. Health and health tourism programmes include EDEN“ and „CALYPSO“  which are open to not just local authorities and public institutions but also private individuals, associations and universities. These programmes are regularly devised to last a number of years and are published on the internet.

Permanent access to current information is essential when defining and elaborating projects. ESPA can use its network to help members find suitable project partners. All projects must be geared to creating new jobs or safeguarding existing ones. It is mandatory for each project to be managed by a project leader. ESPA can help by evaluating corresponding EU programmes since they form the legal basis. Bear in mind that since EU projects are not wholly funded by the EU, co-financing is required.

EU Fundings and Grants



SPECIAL PROGRAMMES  |  in the field of Health

Horizon 2020 - funding opportunities
On the 11th of December 2013, the European Commission published a list of calls for proposals in the framework of the EU Research and Innovation programme HORIZON 2020.
Calls for proposals

Health for Growth Programme 2014/2020

This programme has 4 overaching objectives. The most relevant for the European Spas Association is: Promote health, prevent diseases and foster supportive environments for healthy lifestyles taking into account the health in all policies principles.

Operative Objectives:
Identify, disseminate and promote the up-take evidence-based and good practices for cost-effective disease prevention and health promotion activities.

Thematic Opportunities (2016):
Chronic Diseases
Calls for project proposals »



EU Funding for the Tourism Sector 2014 – 2020 (European Regional Development Funding). The ERDF not only supports regional and national programmes in the member states. It also finances “European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)” which covers cross-border co-operation programmes, transnational co-operation programmes, moreover ETC may contribute to macro-regional strategies.

Type of Tourism-related actions eligible for funding:

  • The development of tourism related ICT products (APPS, data-mining – statistics, ...)
  • The development of high value adedd prroducts and services in niche markets (health
  • The protection, prevention and development of natural and cultural tourism assets and tourism, tourism for seniors, cultural tourism...) among tourism small medium enterprises




If you are looking for project partners or you are interested in becoming a project partner, please contact ESPA office via

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