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Europe Spa Certification

European Quality WellnessEuropean Quality Med The international certificates Europe Spa med and Europe Spa wellness for medical spas and wellness hotels


The ESPA launched the international quality seals EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa wellness in conjunction with leading experts to boost international transparency and fairness in competition. The EuropeSpa criteria are focusing on safety, hygiene and therapy infrastructure (EuropeSpa med – for medical spas) and safety, hygiene and wellness infrastructure plus service quality (EuropeSpa wellness – for wellness hotels, hotel spas, thermal spas or day spas).


The certificates give good spa facilities in the health- and wellness sector an international platform bringing them to the attention of tourists, tour operators and health insurance companies all over Europe via the EuropeSpa directory at “”, which lists all the EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa wellness certified spas.


Spa facilities in all countries welcome the EuropeSpa-testing approach because after a comprehensive audit (approx. 400 questions) they know more where an improvement is necessary. Additionally they can see in an anonymous ranking where they are standing in comparison to the other certified spas tested in 12 countries in Europe.


The EuropeSpa certification has a high reputation all over Europe. For the concept the initiators and ESPA received several awards. For example the well-known Financial Times in Germany recommended the EuropeSpa med seal as one of the best projects in the Health Business Ideas Park 2009. The initiators have combined the numerous standards regulating the European market to enable a solid, understandable comparison.


Step by step more guests, more economical success and more international reputation through better quality – these are the targets of a EuropeSpa certification.

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