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European Medical Travel Conference

25 - 27 April, BERLIN, Germany



Forum on... Standardisation and Certification in the EU

“Existing systems of certification, accreditation and regulation are inconsistent within and between countries. Opportunities for a coherence at European level can be leveraged by alliances of stakeholders and NGOs, providing a fast track to developing, measuring and improving standards across borders”.

Morning Plenary Session 8h30 - 13h30

Political panel on Cross-Border Healthcare in the EU

Workshop: Focus on... Cross-Border Healthcare in the EU

“How can we ensure a consistency for cross-border patients and organise a continuity of care within our different healing cultures? How can telemedicine help? How can we protect the free will of the patient against a flood of regulations?”

Workshop: Focus on.... Medical Wellness and Spa Tourism

“Each year we see progress in high end spa solutions and services. Are they focused? Too specific? How can we create better offers for patients for prevention and recovery / rehabilitation? How are traditional facilities affected?”

Workshop: Focus on... Quality and Standards

“Can we overcome the patient “fear factor” when considering medical travel, through adopting accreditation and quality standards? Case management, accreditation, the costs and benefits of quality, international acknowledgement, regulations”.

Workshop: Medical Wellness, Spa Resorts and Rehabiliation


“A 21st century killer application: the convergence of spa/wellness and health/medical products and services”.

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