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ESPA presentation at the EU-China Technology and Business Exchange fair - Tourism section.

Chengdu (China), September 22
Date: 22 Oct’18

The opening lecture of the Tourism Section of the EU-China Technology and Business Exchange Fair was about Health Tourism as a niche segment, in cooperation with ESPA, OBOR and HiSeas. At the Conference, Mr. Viktor Veréb represented ESPA as a guest speaker, introducing the European Spa culture and best destinations to the Chinese market.

The next event of this intensive cooperation will be end of November 2018 when prior to the Chengdu International Tourism Expo 2018 (focusing on luxury and romantic travel) a workshop by HiSEAS central office with guests of specific health products and tours in the European destination and health resorts preferred by Chinese tourist will be introduced by ESPA for the HiSEAS main partners.

"As a European I am absolutely committed and dedicated to help the booming Chinese middle class get familiar with all the wonders of natural remedies and services, this special segment of the European tourism industry has to offer. There is a hidden treasure in Europe they are not yet aware of when it comes to choosing destinations and highlights for their upcoming trips." - said Mr. Viktor Vereb, senior representative of HiSEAS International Tourism Group Co.

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