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Thanks to the remarkable preparatory work done by the Europe-China OBOR Culture and Tourism Development Committee a strategic partnership...

Partnership agreement has been officially signed between the European Spas Association (ESPA) and the Chengdu-based European DMC, HiSEAS International Tourism Group Co. An other great collaboration stimulated by ECTY18, set up by OBOR Committee
Date: 3 Dec’18

Although there has been a verbal agreement between the European umbrella organization and its Chinese partner, for an official contract to be signed they?d had to wait until this week when a delegation headed by the ESPA?s Secretary General, Ms. Csilla Mezosi together with the representatives of European medical spa resorts from France, Italy and the Czech Republic visited Chengdu.

The official ceremony was held in the EU Project Innovation Center combined with a workshop exclusively arranged for some of the distinguished clients of HiSEAS International Tourism Group. During the event the invited partners had the opportunity to get a better understanding of what Europe as a health tourism destination got to offer to the Chinese audience, with colorful presentations by the representatives of Compagnie de VICHY (France), Terme di Sirmione (Italy) and Royal SPA Hotels (Czech Republic).

OBOR Committee also participated in the arrangements of the event on spot through the support of its Representative, Mr. Viktor Vereb.

HiSEAS International Tourism Group?s clear ambition to put more effort into exploiting the potential of the sector is backed up by the fact that during the Chengdu International Tourism Expo 2018 the European Commission?s exhibition scheme also put the emphasis and focus on promoting European health tourism, ensuring the opportunity to the above mentioned medical spa resorts to present themselves and the sector itself as an integral part of the European cultural heritage.

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