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Brussels (Belgium), November 7
Date: 5 Dec’18

Thierry Dubois (President) and Csilla Mezosi (Secretary-General) have been present at the European Tourism Day 2018. This year the main theme discussed was "The renewed EU industrial policy strategy: making EU tourism stronger in a new industrial era".

The main challenges for Tourism Industry in the EU are:

  • security and safety - environmental, political, and social security; safety of food and accommodation; and socio-cultural sustainability threats
  • economic competitiveness - seasonality, regulatory and administrative burdens; tourism related taxation; difficulty of finding and keeping skilled staff
  • technological - keeping up to date with IT developments caused by the globalisation of information and advances in technology (IT tools for booking holidays, social media providing advice on tourism services, etc.)
  • markets and competition - growing demand for customised experiences, new products, growing competition from other EU destinations.


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