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Since 1995, ESPA has committed itself to a better recognition of balneotherapy and the valuing of its contribution to the prevention and management of chronic diseases and major public health issues.
Date: 22 Oct’18

We shared the statement that prior to the assessment of the actual medical benefit of spa cares, there was a compelling need to get a more accurate picture of the conditions treated by spa therapy and by means of which types of cares. This would definitely enable us to better identify the type of patients that can benefit from spa treatments as well as to highlight

national specificities and common features of balneotherapy in Europe.

This is actually the goal of the epidemiologic survey that ESPA is currently conducting in 12 European countries.

The objectives of the Survey are:

1.To pinpoint the common and specific features of balneotherapy in Europe


2. Identification of the patients

▪ Basic characteristics (age, gender, weight, height, blood pressure,…)

▪ Diseases and conditions treated by balneotherapy

▪ Health profile of the patients (co-morbidities)


3. Identification of the treatments delivered to the patients in the thermal care facilities

4. To get a robust basis for a white paper on balneotherapy in Europe

5. To identify, document and/or build European models for balneotherapy indications and treatments.


Under the responsibility of the ESPA Medical Research Committee, it is expected to deliver the first results of the Survey during the next ESPA Congress that will take place in Terme Tuhelj (Croatia), 8-10 May 2019.

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