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ESPA’s Board of Directors and General-Assembly


Board of Directors and General-Assembly - Varna (Bulgaria), November 8-9
Date: 9 Jan’19

Board of Directors and General-Assembly

ESPA’s Board of Directors and General-Assembly met in Varna (Bulgaria) at St. Constatine and St. Helena resort, on the Black Sea coast. It is the oldest Bulgarian resort complex, celebrating this year its 110th anniversary. The General Assembley approved the reform of the ESPA statutes and the budget for 2019.

Warmest thanks to Siyka Katsarova (ESPA Vice-President) and to Elena Koseva (Executive Director of Sts. Constantine and Elena, holding) Thanks for your impeccable hospitality and welcome!

The European Spas Association is made up of the following categories of members: a) full members; b) observing members; and new form of membership  c) advisory members. Advisory membership in the European Spas Association is open to any of the following bodies provided they are related with the use or promotion of natural healing resources for therapeutic or preventive purposes:  

a) Spa facilities, spa hotels and health facilities using natural healing resources 

b) Regional Spa Associations, Spa and Wellness Clusters, Associations of Spa Towns and Municipalities

c) Companies and Municipalities with activities related to health tourism; 

d) Universities and other educational institutions offering health services and health tourism programmes;

e) Research Institutes and Centers;

f) Spa, Health, Health Tourism, Tourism and Travel, related Media.

From next year you will also have hopefully better chance to involve companies, municipalities and other institutions to join ESPA and also to achieve financial relief for the National Spa Association. We are convinced that this new form of ESPA membership gives you and your members more room for cooperation.

Source: European Spas Association
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