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EURADON - Verein Europäische Radonheilbäder e. V. (European Association radon spas eV)
The EURADON association is the radon division of the European Spas Association and brings together interested parties - 18 spa companies and health spas in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, which jointly promote the use of naturally occurring radon as a means of treating medical conditions.

The aims and main tasks of the association are:

  • to promote scientific research into radon
  • to educate the public about the effects of using natural radon to treat medical conditions
  • to provide information to the public and doctors through reliable research results, press releases and publications in order to confront dubious publications

The idea of jointly promoting the use of radon and radon treatment started during a radon symposium in Bad Hofgastein in October 1987. Representatives of the following spas and institutions

  • Kur- und Salinenbetriebe der Stadt Bad Kreuznach (spa and salt works companies)
  • Rheuma-Heilbad AG, Bad Kreuznach (rheumatic spa company)
  • Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, Kurbetriebe (spa companies)
  • Bad Steben, Staatl. Kurverwaltung (state spa office)
  • Bad Hofgastein, Kur- und Fremdenverkehrsverband (spa and tourist information association)
  • Badgastein, Kur- und Fremdenverkehrsverband (spa and tourist information association)
  • Bad Zell, Kurverband (spa association)

set up the company on the 29th of April 1988 and the company constituted under civil law operated under the official name of:


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Europäische Radonheilbäder (European Spas Working Group)

During the period 1988 - 1993, the head offices were located in Bad Steben and were headed by managing director Detlev Janetzek (spa director at Bad Steben at that time). Managing director Friedrich W. Dörtelmann (who was a member of the Rheuma Heilbad AG board in Bad Kreuznach at that time) directed the fate of the working group from Bad Kreuznach from 1993 until September 2001. The headquarters were moved to Bad Schlema in September 2001 and leadership passed to managing director Steffen Matthias (managing director of Kurgesellschaft Schlema mbh [Schlema spa company]).

During the autumn conference of the working group in St. Blasien/Menzenschwand in 2007, the partners unanimously decided on the 21st of September 2007 to change the working group into an association and thereby dissolve the company constituted under civil law. The EURADON – Association of European Radon Spas was set up on the same day and the association board was elected, with Steffen Matthias as its Chairman. 

The EURADON association was entered in the register of associations at Aue/Saxony Local Court under register number VR 840 in December 2007 and the Aue-Schwarzenberg tax authorities confirmed the non-profit status of the association.

The members of the association and those interested in radon meet at least twice a year to exchange ideas and experiences and maintain close relations with the European Spas Association. The latter decided at its meeting in São Pedro on the 18th of May 2006 to admit our working group / the current EURADON association as the radon division of the European Spas Association.

The members of the association are currently carrying out a unique international, multi-centre and randomised radon study (IMURA) involving 600 patients with scientific support from the Office for Medical Statistics (Bad Elster). The first results are expected in the spring of 2010.

Interested parties can obtain scientifically based information materials on treating patients with radon from our business offices in Bad Schlema.

You can find more detailed information on our Internet site at

EURADON - Verein Europäische Radonheilbäder e. V.
D-08301 Bad Schlema, Prof.-Dr.-Boris-Rajewsky-Str. 4
Tel./Fax: +49 (0) 3772 - 22926

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