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How this term will be defined by the ESPA (European Spas Association)
In order to guarantee a high standard of thalassotherapy and to establish it as a brand name it is necessary to find a common definition for the term thalassotherapy which can be used throughout Europe.

At the same time, this definition should aim to eliminate the inflated use of the term. Thalassotherapy covers a wide area from the medical treatment of chronic diseases for example in the respiratory body or the skin, prevention and also at the part of wellness programmes. To promote the hardening and the strengthening the body (Roborierung) one has to follow the indication in point.

Thalassotherapy should only be described as such if they meet the following criteria:

  • Therapeutical concept for defined indications under medical control.
  • Situated directly by the sea under the direct influence of sea climate.
  • Sea water for inhalation and/or bathing for example in tubs or in pools or in the sea.
  • Products of the sea such as mud or algae for different treatments.
  • Helio Therapy primary use of natural sunbeams and if weather conditions are unfavourable; the sunlight can be replaced by artificial UV rays.
  • Sea air containing a low level of harmful substances and allergens to be used at long stays in the fresh air.
  • Regulated stays in the fresh air and training near the seaside.
  • Measures accompanying health main point: detention, healthy food and activity of the body.



The II International Thalasso Congress took place from 3rd - 5th of April 2008 in the coastal spa town of Heringsdorf in North-East Germany. Organised by the European Spas Association and the Spas Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the congress was held to encourage tourism players in seaside spas and resorts to start providing thalassotherapy again and to highlight the various ways in which it can be applied. Based on the properties of seawater, thalassotherapy is a unique selling proposition for coastal spas and resorts.
Thalassotherapy plays an important role worldwide, as was apparent from the international participants from eleven European countries and Tunisia. The renaissance of thalassotherapy, its various forms, the opportunities it harbours, and standards of quality were all debated during the congress.


The new Premium Europe Thalasso award designed to maintain very high standards of quality at seaside spas and resorts was presented by the European Spas Association during the congress. The figure of Thalata – a marine princess bringing health from the sea – had been specially created for the award, which in its first year was garnered by the imperial spa towns on the Isle of Usedom.

At the discussion forums and presentations, specialists debated the impact of climate change on the seas and the use of thalassotherapy to deal with stress. In addition, the countries participating in the congress gave presentations on the thalasso.

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