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The Association


In Europe there are more than 1,400 spas and health resorts, which are respected medical centres, and form a powerful economic unit generating significant proportions of the gross domestic product of European Community member countries.

The EC and those countries wishing to join are seeking to work together on matters of common interest. This requires a greater cooperation of the national and regional associations as well as the private sector in the field of spas and balneology.

The European Spas Association's global objective is to promote spas and balneology in Europe and to take care that the natural remedies based on mineral water, landscape and climate will be available to as great a number of citizens and visitors as possible.

The interests of the European Spas Association lie at the core of the EU. These can only be pursued effectively, competently and at the highest levels if close cooperation and agreement on the common interests of the European spas exists.

In order to achieve this the European Spas Association has established the following aims:

  • to monitor and analyse the condition of the spas and health resorts in the individual EC member countries
  • to stimulate exchange of experience, best practice and know-how
  • to produce and develop programmes for health and wellbeing products and strategies for prevention and rehabilitation for all living within Europe
  • to establish, promote and improve the standards in all spas and health resorts within Europe (bookable offers)
  • to stimulate and resource spa research
  • to define and harmonise common training programmes and courses and to determine a professional structure for the European spa business industry
  • to establish a framework for collaborative marketing opportunities for ESPA member countries


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