• February 2012

The following newsletter shows again the variety of the European Spas and Health Resorts.

Over the past sixty years, spas and health resorts in central Europe have changed substantially. The majority of them are now true healthcare centres hosting a wide range of high-quality services which partly make use of natural local remedies of the water, the earth, the air and the sea. They are augmented by elements of physiotherapy, movement therapy and relaxation therapy. In addition, special attention is paid to a healthy diet.

These services are available to visitors and patients for the purposes of both prevention and rehabilitation, including follow-up treatment and the treatment of chronic diseases. They are an integral part of individual nations’ healthcare systems. These health centres, which are mainly located in rural areas, also serve the local population and hence play an important part in their healthcare.

In due consideration of the increasing longevity and of the economic consequences of the demographic challenge we have to face in our society – in numerous countries, the retirement age has already been raised from 60 to 65 or even 67 – the national health care systems have to find ways to maintain the population in good health for longer years. Here is a real chance for the health resorts to promote their offer for preventive activities and treatments.


Meanwhile, our members should have received the invitation to attend ESPA’s next annual congress and general assembly with elections in Jūrmala (Latvia), 15-18 May 2012.

I hope for a large participation of delegates and guests in this important meeting.

Dr. Sigrun Lang,
President of the European Spas Association
News | The Association
Meeting with ECTAA
Last December, a meeting between ESPA and ECTAA (The European Travel Agent’s and Tour Operator’s Association). Among other issues ESPA and ECTAA agreed to improve the cooperation between both Associations. Furthermore, ECTAA´s President Mrs Irena GUEORGUIEVA (BG) was invited to present a lecture about Health Tourism and prevention in European Spas and Health Resorts”. Details »
European Spas Association launches the new EuropeSpas Quality Portal
Clearly arranged and pleasantly designed – that's the new website www.EuropeSpa.eu. The international seal of quality of the European Spas Association introduces all EuropeSpa-certified wellness hotels and health resort hotels throughout Europe. "Now customers throughout Europe have a clear marker towards quality in security and service. The new site underscores our aim to be the leading certifier for medical wellness and spa", says Joachim Lieber, secretary general of the European Spas Association.
Details »
ESPA Academy
ESPA and Keilir (Iceland) are about to launch the first webinar course under the ESPA Academy brand. It is planned to announce the start of the ESPA Academy activities during the next ESPA Congress in Jurmala (Latvia).
Details »
17th ESPA Congress
16th – 18th May, JURMALA, Latvia
Details »
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News | ESPA Members
Piešťany gets Europespa certificate
One of the best-known spas in Slovakia, Slovenské Lieèebné Kúpele Piešťany (SLKP), has obtained a Europespa quality certificate from the European Spas Association (ESPA). “We are very glad that ESPA granted us the quality certificate,” said Štefečková Beňačková, adding that the certificate is valid until 2014. “This will help us to maintain the quality of services at a professional level and simultaneously enable us to rank among internationally acknowledged European spas.” Details »
From Domburg To Bad Domburg
The village Domburg is a very attractive resort at the Dutch sea side. The place is famous about the healthy environment, the large beaches, nature in vicinity and pleasant climate. Since history artists, rich people feel attracted to Domburg . There are a lot of qualified accommodations. So is the Badhotel a famous hotel with a high service tradition, Aparthotel Bommeljé is a design hotel near the beach. Because of the vital and healthy attractiveness Domburg is working on a plan to get the qualification according the criteria of the German "Heilbäderverband" and the assumptions of the ESPA. So Domburg will become Bad Domburg. Details »
Introducing ZALAKAROS a new termal spa resort in Hungary
Zalakaros Thermal Spa is a new spa resort in Hungary. It lies in the small town of Zalakaros, in the southwestern part of Hungary, about 30 km from Lake Balaton and 200 km from Budapest. Zalakaros Thermal Baths are a combination of treatment center, indoor waterpark and outdoor thermal swimming pool. Details »
The new administration of FEDERTERME
The assembly of Federterme Confindustria (378 member firms, in 20 regions and in 170 municipalities with 15,000 employees) elected (on November 22) its new Board of Directors for the two-year period 2012/2013 and its treasurer. Costanzo Jannotti Pecci was elected President of Federterme for the period 2012/2013. Details »
The Lithuanian resort association and the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism (VTD) put a joint stand with information about Birštonas resort the biggest Scandinavian tourism fair Matka 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. Details »
News | European Union
Record number of nights spent in hotels in the eu in 2011
In 2011, the number of nights spent in hotels and similar establishments in the EU27 reached a peak of 1.6 billion nights, up by 3.8% compared with 2010. Details »
Easier access to Eu funds: Comission shows member states the way
The Commission has proposed over 120 changes to simplify the rules governing EU funding for mall enterprises (SMEs), towns and regions, students, scientists and others. The key question now is whether the European Parliament and the Member States are ready to make the life of EU funds' beneficiaries easier by reducing the administrative burden. Details »
Health for Growth Programme, the 3rd Multi-annual Programme of EU Action in the field of health for the period 2014-2020
The general objectives of the Health for Growth Programme shall be to work with Member States to encourage innovation in healthcare and increase the sustainability of health systems, to improve the health of the EU citizens and protect them from cross-border health threats. Details »
8th March, BERLIN, Germany
Special topic: Burnout
Organized by: FIT Reisen and Contact & Creation More information »
World Water Day
22nd March
The international observance of World Water Day is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. This site started in 2001 as a community space and repository where people can upload their WWD event activities and reports.
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European Medical Travel Conference
25th- 27th April, BERLIN, Germany
WORKSHOP: Focus on Medical Wellness and Spa Tourism
"How can we create better offers for patients for prevention and recovery / rehabilitation?
How are spa facilities affected?"
More information »
7 - 9 May 2012, COPENHAGEN, Denmark
eHealth Week 2012 brings together two main events: the High level eHealth conference co-organised by the European Commission and the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and WoHIT (World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition) organised by HIMSS Europe. The event, now hailed as the largest annual pan-European eHealth conference, not only brings together industry partners and providers from across Europe, but also important government and regional decision makers. More information »
THERMALIA 2012 Salon of Thermal Bath Tourism
10th - 13th May, RIMINI, Italy
Thermalia 2012 Salon of Thermal Bath Tourism, promoted by Federterme, will be held at Rimini Fair from 10 to 13 May 2012. There will also be a workshop presenting the offer of Italian thermal baths to international buyers in the three days of the Salon. More information »
ISMH Congress 2012 - 38th ISMH World Congress
20th-23th June, LANJARÓN, Spain
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Causes of death (COD) among the over-65 age-group are of increasing significance in European mortality statistics. A dramatic change in the nature of health care over the past century has resulted in longer life spans, but also greater prevalence of chronic illnesses.
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