• November 2011
Announcement of Nicasio Perez Menzel's death

It is with profound sadness that we have received the announcement of Nicasio Perez Menzel's death.
With him we lose a dear friend and a strong defender for many years of the interests of spa resorts in Spain and in Europe.
Until his very last days, he has been for all of us at ESPA an example of courage and optimism in these long months of illness. The European Spas Association will keep the memory of a remarkable President, Vice-President and ambassador of balneology in Brussels and our member associations who acted as a respected and successful moderator in all situations.
We will always commemorate Nicasio Perez Menzel as a reliable friend and a man of great courage.

Dr. Sigrun Lang,
President of the European Spas Association
News | The Association
The Polish Spas Association has developed a European project concerning the spas, their importance in the economy and the place in the health system. The project is restricted to the Małopolska region – it is a region in south Poland at the Slovakian border.
ESPA is the leading partner. In the last months two study visits have been made, one seminar and a regional forum.
The study visitstook place in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia with the support of the representatives of the national spas associations. Details »
After a work of 6 months, the website www.europespa.eu is completely renewed. On this new website, the German tour operator FIT-Reisen (one of the two biggest tour operators in Germany for health tourism) will offer products of EuropeSpa certified spas. So certified facilities have an access to direct advertisement in combination with the quality information “EuropeSpa”. In November the work of the international EuropeSpa expert group finished to prepare the EuropeSpa set of criteria for publication (Engl./German). Details »
News | ESPA Members
ESPA President Dr. Sigrun Lang gave a lecture at the “Romanian Market and Forum for Balneary Tourism” from the 21st till the 24th of September 2011 in Băile Herculane about the basic planning steps for the development or revival of a historical spa resort – like Băile Herculane – as a modern healthcare center, offering residents and visitors preventive services, medical care and medical rehabilitation. Details »
At the “2nd Baltic & North Sea Conference on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” in Vilnius on September 28th, the ESPA President gave a lecture about the “Significance of the spas and health resorts in Europe and the policy of the ESPA”. Details »
Together with ESPA Vice-President Dr. Janka Zálešáková ESPA Secretary General Joachim Lieber discussed the actual situation in the Hungarian Spas Association with their president Miklós Vancsura and Ms. Csilla Mezösi, consultant of the Hungarian Tourism Board for spa and wellness in Hungary on the 13th of September 2011 in Budapest. Details »
From 10th to 13th November, 2011 Jūrmala City Council in cooperation with Tourism Development State Agency representatives in Finland and Sweden, as well as with resort hotels "Hotel Jūrmala Spa" and "Baltic Beach Hotel", and health tourism company „Nordmed tour” took part in the largest health tourism exhibition in Stockholm "Allt Hals for 2011". Details »
News | Termatalia
As the new President of the Advisory Council of Termatalia from this year on, ESPA Secretary General Joachim Lieber moderated the opening workshop of Termatalia 2011 with the title “Quality and Sustainability” on the 23rd of September 2011. Dr. Kurt 4 von Storch from EuropeSpa reported about the experiences of over 70 audits in 13 European countries concerning the quality aspects in the Spa and Health Resorts in Europe.
ESPA Marketing Manager João Pinto Barbosa moderated the workshop “Marketing in health tourism” with a lecture of ESPA board member Marlies Sobczak from the Netherlands, who spoke about the expectations and necessities of the clients in wellness offers. Details »
The European Spas Association is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website at www.europeanspas.eu
The upgraded and updated website is the result of one year of analysis, design, and programming. We have streamlined the site’s navigation, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Our goal is to provide our visitors with a focus on what the Association and the European Spa destinations and resorts can offer them.
Please take a moment to visit www.europeanspas.eu
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